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How to Cook Tosino

Thursday, January 1, 2009

This is one of my favourite Filipino dishes. I remembered my mom cooking it every Saturday when me and my brother woke up to watch cartoons when we were little. Tosino is a pork that is cured for several days with Anise wine, annatto, water, salt, sugar, and saltpetre; then frozen to cook whenever.

To cook tosino do the following steps:

First grab your tosino of choice. I always eat the sweet pork but there are many others.

Then grab your wok and put the tosino in the middle of it. Then add enough cold water to cover half of the tosino to boil. Reasoning to put cold water is to fully cook the pork instead of cooking the outside.

After that, it’s time to put on some heat!

Now it’s time to grab some essential tunes till the water start boiling and reducing.
AND check if you have rice left over, which I did, if not MAKE SOME NOW!


When you see it start to boil and reduce just keep an eye out of the meat because the pork could burn easily due to the high surgar content of the cure it was in.

Let it reduce more and more…

At this point when the water is almost all gone; keep moving the meat until it’s browned on the outside.


I hope this helped you out and showed you how BORED I was tonight that I made a step by step how to cook Tosino!

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  1. TimR permalink
    Friday, October 30, 2009 10:20 pm

    Hey, glad you were bored. Just cooked some sweet Tosino myself here in Winnipeg Canada.

    Had no idea how to do it, but it still tasted great.

    Now I see how you do it and will give it a try.

    Enjoyed your blog on this.

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