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Monday, January 12, 2009

If you know me personally…you know I LOVE MUSIC! There is not one day, hour, minute, or second that I’m not listing to some sort of music. Thus, I have always kept an open mind when it came to music. There are many genres of music I listen to being it hip-hop or alternative or jazz or electronic or punk or …you get the point. Everyday I try to find new music via the internet, itunes store, and through my friends. On my days off I usually head to HMV in West Edmonton Mall to check out the music and find a new artist every time I’m there or grabbing a CD I found when lurking the internet.

This time around I ran into this artist named, Lykke Li, who is indie/alternative/electronic/pop all in one. Her debut album “Youth Novels” has many great appraisals from alot of people so I had to check out snippets of the songs to judge for myself…and WOW! They were right! You can’t help but listen to the entire album front to back over and over again. To me, her music just makes me smile through and through which doesn’t happen often. Last time a album made me do this was Jack Johnson’sIn Between Dreams“. Here voice is soo distinguished by how she can hold up her own with those lovely instrumentals in all her songs. I do recommend this album to those who like Feist, Norah Jones, Santogold, and to whoever that loves music.

Check out the following songs from her:

“A Little Bit”

“I’m Good, I’m Gone”

“Breaking It Up”

“Dance Dance Dance”

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