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Guilty Pleasures

Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Do you catch yourself listening to a cheesy song and enjoying it?
Do you have a certain food dish that you have to indulge once a week?
Do you shop for the sake of shopping?

Every single person out there has guilty pleasures that make them all fuzy inside; I’m no acception to this.

1. One of my all time favorite songs is Justin Timberlake – Senorita

2. If I could, meaning if my body could handle it, I would eat a Donair EVERYDAY!


3. I secretly like to dance…selected few seen this.


4. I lurk on Hypebeast: WDYWTD,, and Whats One Wearing to see what people are wearing.


I shared my guilty pleasures, now it’s time for YOU to share at least one in the comments!

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