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Just Around The Corner…

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yes I’m taking about spring. With all this warm weather, well for me, comes ideas and planing for my very expensive hobby of cars. I’ve already started ordering and planning for what will be next on my car (Honda Civic 94′).  This post is really for my own well being soo I can stop listing stuff off the top of my head and go to sleep at night!

  • Integra Type R 96′ Spec 4 x 114 front/rear Knuckles (purchased and shipping)
  • Integra Type R 96′ Spec Wheels (Still Searching)
  • Rear Sway bar (I have a 14mm but I might want a 19mm +)
  • J’s Racing Air Duct (purchased and shipping)
  • Spoon Sports Duckbill (purchased and shipping)
  • Fixing my Cam Seal (Got a Skunk2 Cam seal with 3 lobes)
  • Installing CTR Crank Pulley
  • New EG6 mats
  • Dual-Core Radiator from a Del Sol
  • Exhaust Header (Don’t know which one yet)
  • OEM Windshield Moldings
  • Skunk2 or Spoon or Vision Front/Rear Tower Bars

I think that’s it for now…I hope! Now for some insparation from !LL W!LL’s EG6


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