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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Triumvir is based in Santa Ana the oc and was created by the mastermind of Brandon Cheng. His first desgins were on Nike Shoes which he sold on Nike Talk and then he started to branch into clothing. Thus Triumvir was established in 2004. Triumvir‘s main art design is derived from Roman history which is then corresponded with current events happening in the world. Majority of their line are in a black platform which is different compared to many of the “skittle” coloured brands out there. I personally like this brand because they are true to themselves by creating their own set of style which includes their influences from the generations that they lived through and to their current state of being. You might know them if your into Street Fighter 4 by their recent collabo with Capom to create a whole line for the up comping game. Great pieces were in this drop with a theme of Crime Syndicate of M.Bison Vega.

The current session is their Spring 09′. The theme this time was “The Civil War” collection which consists of great tee desgins which tie in of the theme, their signature flannels, hoodies, and 13oz raw/selvege/washed denim. By far my favorite peices from this drop is their Gemina Seersucker Parka & The Finger tee. Be sure to see me rocking this brand more and more. Plus who can resists Julia…haha still lurking you on twitter (^_^)*


To check out the rest of the Lookbook click HERE and to purchase these items click HERE.
This is a small video of the preview and fits for the current session.


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