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Blind Faith & Hell Is For Heroes

Thursday, September 3, 2009

One of many reason I like to support Triumvir is that they like to inform their consumers about each detail, material use, sizing, & design overall. They even explain their inspirations and their focuses they want to accomplish when creating their line sheet for season which not a lot of companies do now a days because lets face it…most are just in it for the money. Here is an explanation of the upcoming F/W 09′ designs & thoughts straight from Brandon the lead designer.

The Autumn & Winter 2009 Collection consists of two titles, Blind Faith and Hell Is For Heroes. In continuation with Triumvir’s historical references, there were a variety of influences I took to put this small collection together. During the infancy stage of the concept build-up, I was taken by a few areas as well as eras of interests; Constantine the Great, religious military orders during the Crusades, the German BMW R75 motorcycle, the German Panzerdivision, WWII air squadrons, Mad Max, and The Fist of the North Star. This may seem a bit confusing to a lot of you because their connection to each other are few and far between and for that reason, I’ve given up explaining the concepts to our marketing and sales team. However, it was much easier explaining it to Brian (aka B-Minus) due to the many years we’ve worked with each other, he just goes with it. Let me briefly elaborate on the upcoming concept here… movies and anime that portray a post-apocalyptic world, always have a few things in common; the protagonist, the antagonist, the rebuilding of society, religion, military and or outlaws, and the fusing of technology and fashion from the past and the present.

What interested me the most was the religious and military aspects and of course the different era of costumes in the movies. For some reason, this led me to think about two time periods in Western Civilization when religion and war played a crucial role that shaped humanity. The first was during the reign of Constantine the Great, the first Christian Roman Emperor who made the Christian Religion tolerable throughout the Roman Empire. But he only made it tolerable after he had a vision of putting the symbol of Christ (Chi-Roh) on his soldiers shields and standards. The second, the Knights Hospitallers, which was a religious military order who became one of the most powerful Christian orders in the Holy Land along with their counterparts the Knights Templar. If you’re familiar with both periods, you know that the Crusades (when looking through a much bigger scope) failed miserably with what they were trying to accomplish at the end, and on the other hand, Constantine managed to change the face of a religion for an entire Empire without meaning to do so (still disputed, some scholars say for political reasons). What it comes down to is, one involved a message from God (still disputed), while the other from a man (the Pope). Religion sometimes serves as an excuse for war and for what ‘he’ wants for himself, in other words politics and religion shapes the evolution of humanity. And so this paves as the background to my story.

The challenge for this collection was to tell a post-apocalyptic story through our collection. Just like the creative minds behind Mad Max and The Fist of the North Star, I wanted to create a style for the protagonist and the antagonist. Like the creators of these stories I wanted to create a post-apocalyptic world where the old and new mixes together to formulate something rational in the characters eyes and of course something that fits with current menswear that can be easily accepted by our audience or not. For instance, my favorite part of the collection was in creating a motorcycle influenced jacket for the antagonist who was to find an old WWII German R75 motorcycle. What would he of worn in this world we’ve created for him? Of course this is something that will be shown when I showcase the Hell Is For Heroes chapter later on… What I wrote here is a brief summarization of the concept, there is just too much to go in-depth with and too little time. For now the garments can be the parchment.

A few notes and changes for the upcoming Autumn & Winter 2009 Collection. Triumvir t-shirts are now a slimmer-fit made of better quality and materials. All our cut & sew jackets and tops are made domestically here in Orange County, which means that the production quality is a lot better compared to our past overseas production, no corners cut here. Made in the USA, is something that I’ve waited quite some time to see on our labels. All jackets are consistent in a slimmer fit body along with our button-ups. Denims are only in Castor fit (straight-narrow) for the upcoming two season. The Pollux fit will not be available and will be revamped into a slim-fit denim next year.

Special thanks to the whole Triumvir crew. Without the creative team (B-Minus, Mikey, & Vincent) the collection will not come to be one of my favorites thus far. Now it’s up to the rest of the crew to push the collection towards our goal.


Brandon (B+Plus)

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  1. Thursday, September 3, 2009 3:31 pm

    I first hear of Triumvir through their Street Fighter collab, but I’ve become a permanent fan thanks to their blog. Their dedication to the fanbase is second to none.

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