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Beast’n Over Pasta

Monday, September 14, 2009

If you don’t know that Chianti’s has cheap pasta every Monday & Tuseday for $8…well now you do. A bunch of us decided to do a dinner for our good friend Eugene before he leaves back to his motherland of Hong Kong. Some might know him for his colorful words, grammar, & punctuation on Hypebeast haha. The normal dinner crew joined which was Justin (Foosh), Lydia, Rohan, Kyla & Stacey (Bamboo Ballroom), Alexis, and Amor. We had the usual talk about the shop, the bar, how stupid Kanye West is, Patrick Swayze’s passing today RIP, and how everyone thinks I have H1N1…WHICH I DON’T!!!


As always I take photo’s of all my meals when I’m out with my camera soo here is a small commentary of my dinner tonight. For an appetizer I had a delicious caesar salad & calamari which was meh; now heading into my actual dinner was a 4-cheese ravioli with blue cheese cream sauce and if your wondering my heart did hurt a bit after eating it.


Till next time when your back home!

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