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Super Street Fighter IV

Monday, September 28, 2009

That’s right you heard right.

Capcom annouced at the Tokyo Game Show 09′ that they will be releasing a new version of Street Fighter IV with SUPER Street Fighter IV and today they released the information to the world. Instead of just doing a DLC, Capcom decided to just release another disc because the changes are so drastic with the balance of the new/old characters…don’t worry they won’t mark it full price when released. For you people that have an original copy of SFIV like me, they promised us a “special” treat for us. The new additions are eight more characters to the current 25 characters, the balancing of the all the characters, better online play… HOPEFULLY more than 1 ultras/supers as well. T-Hawk, Deejay, & Juri are the first of the eight characters to be confirmed on the new roster list. The online will be updated with a lobby system and will hopefully be able to do an online tournament. SSFIV is set to be released in Spring 2010 and be sure to see Capcom to keep releasing characters names and additions.

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